About Me

I was a late developer in the world of mediumship. My parents were mystified about my involvement in Spiritualism and thought I had been kidnapped by a cult! I have three grown up children who are not showing any tendency to follow in my footsteps! When I entered Longton Spiritualist Church in 1997, I realised I was "home".

Throughout the years since then I have been an active member of both Longton & Stafford Spiritualist Churches. I was on the committee of Stafford as booking secretary, Vice President and President for over 7 years. However the Spirit World had other ideas for me and I found myself standing on a platform taking services.

I have great faith in the Spirit and hope to inspire all those I meet to find that wonderful light within. This journey is a journey of the soul and about the self. Too many people on this earth are unaware of the journey and appear to be sleeping through their lives. I believe we should all light up our own corner. To be inspired to live a life where we strive to overcome our difficulties and see who we really are.



"A huge thank you for the reading - my Mum was overjoyed to hear your words and it gave her a real boost. You have a wonderful gift and thank you for sharing it with me, my family and my family in spirit"


"Just a big thank you for the wonderful way you work with Spirit and for the messages I received. You are totally priceless, actual money doesn't cover how much you've helped me"

Hetty & Jean

"We would like you to know how lovely it was to see you,& how you helped us. When we feel lonely we think of the words from our loved ones and how much it brightens up our day. You don't know how much people appreciate your good work. Thank you for making us happy! "


"would like to thank you from the very bottom of my heart for the upliftment and comfort I received on Friday. It was just what the doctor ordered and thank you for being the truly lovely person you are"


It was a wonderful evidential reading which took my breath away!


"I was sceptical before I had my sitting but the way you described my late Father, giving his name and where he worked and the memories you bought back - well I know now there must be something"